This Is A Voice exhibition opens at Powerhouse Museum

Our new exhibition "This Is A Voice" has opened at the Powerhouse Museum, in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust (UK). Featuring a number of contemporary sound art installations, including several developed specifically for MAAS, the exhibition explores the nature and quality of the human voice.

The exhibition is open from August 11th 2017 - Jan 28th 2018.

studioplusthree This Is A Voice exhibition

Egyptian Mummies exhibition in the media

'Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives' opens at the Powerhouse Museum

studioplusthree have designed the Powerhouse Museum's 2016 summer exhibition - a major exhibition created in collaboration with the British Museum. The exhibition brings together six mummies and almost 200 objects from the British Museum collection - featuring latest-technology interactive CT scans of the mummies to allow visitors to discover the hidden secrets of mummification and gain an insight into the everyday lives of ancient Egyptians.

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