Living Room

studioplusthree BEAMS sm.jpg

Beams Festival, Chippendale 2014

Responding to the BEAMS festival's creative brief of "utopia", this installation combined a photographic and architectural approach using a projector, our live studio, and festival visitors. We created an imaginary built environment using the windows and people of the Chippendale area on the existing wall that established the boundary of the old brewery site. 

The citizens of our presupposed utopia were participants who wandered into our space over the course of the festival evening. Through our process of technical wizardry, the public were incorporated into the projection, forming a haphazard city of their own making. In this city, serendipity occurs from chance encounters, crowds are formed in opportune places, and buildings are created at will.

The only constraint we placed on our imagined landscape is that the windows of the Living Room, which form the building blocks of this new city, are captured within the confines of the Chippendale postcode – referencing the existing context and questioning its future. 

A collaboration between studioplusthree and Black Door StudioNoel McLaughlinMark BondShane Rozario

Special thanks on the night go to Shane Rozario as Master of Ceremonies; Mark Bond as photographer provocateur; Noel Mclaughlin as wizard compositor; and Jonathan Stokkland as photojournalist-in-action.

Photographs: Jonathan Stokkland, Mark Bond, Shane Rozario, studioplusthree, Noel McLaughlin