Seven reasons to work with an architect

Working with an architect can bring significant benefits to your project. Some of the key ones are as follows:

01 - Getting what you want
Our first step is to understand your needs and aspirations for your project, so that we can help you achieve them. By engaging our studio, you are investing in a process of design that is specifically tailored for your requirements. Early in the design process we will help you articulate those requirements by providing possible design proposals that you can respond to, to help refine what you want from the project. We spend a lot of time at the beginning of the project making sure that the design is aligned to your brief, and that you are happy with the progression of the design. This approach is carried right throughout the design process until completion.

02 - Good value
Compared to the cost of building work, design work is a fraction of the cost. Undertaking to build a new home or renovate an existing one can be a substantial investment of time and money. If you are making a significant investment like this, it is important to get a design that works for you, so that you can be confident with the outcome. Considered also against the lifespan of the building, the amount of time you will be spending in it, and the added quality of life that design can bring, paying for good design works out to be extremely good value.

03 - Quality
Our focus is on the quality of outcome. We work to create projects that clients, builders and ourselves can be proud of. Quality does not come about by accident, but is generally a product of time and effort. We enjoy working on projects where these two factors can be applied, in order to achieve an excellent end result. This process has been recognised in the publications and awards that we have been involved with, and is something we will continue to seek in all our projects, from concept through to completion.

04 - Budget
We are experienced in achieving a lot with a little. Good design is not about expense - it can be about finding simple and elegant solutions to a complex set of conditions. Within our work, we have often dealt with constrained sites and modest budgets. We understand that some areas can be prioritised, with the budget conserved in others. We always work closely with clients to make sure a realistic and effective approach to the budget is taken.


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05 - Previewing the design
We work through a combination of techniques, such as sketching, model making, drawing and visualisations to explore ideas and communicate them to clients. We will test ideas to see how they fit within the overall design scheme, and we are able to show you the steps in the process that led to an idea. Through this iterative process, we can show you these ideas, so that you can evaluate them for yourself and make a decision as to whether they go ahead.


06 - Special outcome
Our projects are as individual as our clients. We don’t provide standard architectural responses, because we know that every client and situation is different. We recognise the value both of tradition and innovation, and we use both of these approaches to try and achieve something special within every project.


07 - Getting the right architect
It’s important that you choose the right architect for your particular project. The process can last for an extended time, projects can be complex, and there is a significant amount of money and trust involved. It can be difficult to get a good idea of the process, particularly if you are not experienced in development, and the choice of architect can have a significant effect on the final outcome of the project. We try to make our process as clear as possible by showing examples of previous work, offering advice in our initial consultation service, and are happy to answer further questions if anything is unclear. Ultimately you must feel comfortable that your choice of architect is the right fit for what you want from the project.


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