The Design and Construction Process Diagram

What happens during the design and construction process? This diagram will show you a step-by-step guide along the way, including key decision points, when approvals are required, and what you need before you start building.

Blue text = Meeting with Client

Green text = Client Approval


01 Concept.jpg

02 Design Development.jpg

03 Documentation.jpg

04 Construction Contract Admin.jpg


* At these points, the architectural design fee may be adjusted to reflect the latest indication of the Cost of Works
^ Design work is done on the basis of the client brief.

Our fee up to these points will be based on the indicative Cost of Works as defined by the Quantity Surveyor or successful Tenderer/Contractor.
If the Cost of Works is over the budget, we can work to reduce the scope to meet the budget. This work (”cost cutting”) is chargeable at an hourly rate.
Once the Cost of Works is brought into line with the budget, ongoing fees will be based on the revised Cost of Works.