Collider Exhibition

Collider studioplusthree

Science Museum, London

Acting as project designer for Nissen Richards studio (Creative Director and 3D Designer), this project brought together a varied multidisciplinary team to tell the story of the Large Hadron Collider (CERN) at the Science Museum, London. This team included playwright Michael Wynne, video designer Finn Ross, graphic designers Northover Brown, sound designer Carolyn Downing, lighting designers ZNA, costume designer Antonella Petraccaro, a number of actors, and the scientists themselves, in order to create the immersive environment of CERN within the Science Museum. 

Undertaken as part of Nissen Richards studio

Photography: Nicholas Rochowski

"One of the most ambitious exhibitions in the Science Museum’s 150-year history ... a perfectly pocket-sized introduction to the world of big science ... art and science collide with spectacular results ... in many ways it’s better than the real thing [visiting Cern]". — The Independent

"It’s impressive that everything is both visually striking (pretty, even) and yet informative, and the Science Museum should be very pleased with Collider." — New Statesman